TOTD and Evolutionrace

Training of the day, Wednesday 1/7 2009

Did some “train by feel” in the morning:

ASLR and shoulder mobility progressions

Brettzel progressions – starting to feel solid

TGU progressions (Jeff O’Connor showed us some really nice variations for hip/shoulder mobility)

Clean n’ jerks: 2x28kg x 5-6 reps – Felt easy and comfortably in the lockout

Bent press: 40kg – very smooth and seamless

Swing progressions: 28kg and 48kg – starting to feel very rooted and able to work in some foot work – Feels awesome.

In the afternoon I took my advanced class through 45 sets of berserker conditioning protocol. It felt a lot better than this weekend so I guess Kenneth is right about the enzymatic benefits kicking in really fast. Still a heck of a long way to 80 sets.

My beginner class had the pleasure of being introduced to David Whitley’s furnace workout. The BJJ class on the mat beside us started complaining that we emitted too much heat LOL


One of my current goals is competing in the combined “strongman”/endurance event “EvolutionRace”. The concept is 10 km cross country running with 10 challenges interspersed during the race. Challenges include rope climbs, climbing along ropes and horizontal posts, stone lifting, farmer walks, tire dragging, precision stone throw, cold water swimming etc. The route is really hilly throw a beautiful wooden area with plenty of steep ascents and slopes. This year I plan on doing the run in Vibram Fivefingers, of course.


About Dennis Frisch

Hi My name is Dennis Frisch. I've been an officer in the Danish Army through 8 years, incl. three years in the elite Danish Recce Batallion and an operational tour in Helmand Province, Afghanistan with the funcion of Recce Platoon Commander. I have completed the danish Commando Course, and later joined the cadre staff on this course as a specialist instructor. I am airborne qualified by the Danish SOF-unit, Jægerkorpset. I am an russian kettlebell enthusiast and instructor, and have been trained by and trained with master instructors such as Pavel Tsatsouline, Kenneth Jay, Tommy Eli, Steve Maxwell, Steve Cotter, Jon Engum, Brett Jones, Mark Reifkind, Andrea Du Cane, Dr. Mark Cheng, Jeff O'Connor and Sarah Cheatham I have a training backgound covering military disciplines such as military and naval pentathlon, orientering, strongman events (, endurance events and swimming. My martial arts history started with full kontact karate and have through the years touched several arts including kick/thayboxing, traditional jujutsu, four range fighting system, judo, boxing, tai chi, filipino stickfighting and krav maga.
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