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Hi guys

Time goes fast when you’re busy living a life. Between being a dad, studying, training people, doing extracurricular studies (CK-FMS, Z-health, bodywork etc.) and keeping up practical skills little time is left. So I guess one area of progress for me is making time 😉

I’ve signed up for Z-health R-phase in November, and since I have actively been implementing the concepts for a while I really look forward to the course, about which I’ve heard nothing but solid endorsements. It’s also refreshing to sign up for a course and receive a load of suggested reading. This seems to be a cornerstone in the Z-health educational policy which continues along the chain of different seminars (R, I, 9S, S, T etc.).

My training is back to focusing on the basics with a “train by feel” approach. Lots of heavy pressing, goblet squats, zercher squats, kalos sthenos get ups with a lot of varieties, rope climbing, swings and running. Running has been centrered around a minimalist approach and some obstacle work with a parkour’ish feel to it.

In school I’ve been following two practical courses this term, so I’ve had 3 hours of basketball and swimming respectively. Swimming was a continuation of three previous courses, so the practical stuff was based on butterfly stroke, medley and waterpolo, which by the way is hands down the hardest sport I have ever tried.

Dragondoor has a new kettlebell certification on the market, and I would just like to recommend anyone who is interested in learning the basics of the Hardstyle method and/or getting a deeper appreciation of teaching and moving. It’s called Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification or HKC for short. Dragondoor also has a favorable price on attending RKC after a HKC so if you are thinking about attending an RKD, this is a no-brainer in my opinion.

This is it for now.

Train hard, eat right and believe in yourself 😉

Dennis Frisch


About Dennis Frisch

Hi My name is Dennis Frisch. I've been an officer in the Danish Army through 8 years, incl. three years in the elite Danish Recce Batallion and an operational tour in Helmand Province, Afghanistan with the funcion of Recce Platoon Commander. I have completed the danish Commando Course, and later joined the cadre staff on this course as a specialist instructor. I am airborne qualified by the Danish SOF-unit, Jægerkorpset. I am an russian kettlebell enthusiast and instructor, and have been trained by and trained with master instructors such as Pavel Tsatsouline, Kenneth Jay, Tommy Eli, Steve Maxwell, Steve Cotter, Jon Engum, Brett Jones, Mark Reifkind, Andrea Du Cane, Dr. Mark Cheng, Jeff O'Connor and Sarah Cheatham I have a training backgound covering military disciplines such as military and naval pentathlon, orientering, strongman events (, endurance events and swimming. My martial arts history started with full kontact karate and have through the years touched several arts including kick/thayboxing, traditional jujutsu, four range fighting system, judo, boxing, tai chi, filipino stickfighting and krav maga.
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