Dennis Frisch

My name is Dennis Frisch, and I’m a physical culture enthusiast, physical training instructor, student and soldier in civilian clothes.

My journey started as a child fascinated by athletes like elite fighters, gymnasts and soldiers. This lead me to a host of wilderness activities and martial arts which occupied the bulk of my time in my formative years. At 18 years old I was conscripted by the Danish army, volunteered for officers training and at 20 years old I respectfully received my first command of a platoon as a Second Lieutenant. During the next 7 years I went through a  unique military education, earning distinction as one of only a handful of Danish soldiers to be commando qualified, airborne training, training at the NATO Special Operations School in Germany and most importantly leading my unit in a number of recon and combat missions in Afghanistan.

My thirst for knowledge is constant and never ending so after learning everything I could about physical and psychological training within the army I decided to begin anew. I enrolled at University of Copenhagen where I began studying Exercise Science. I’ve since conducted research at the National Work Health Institute, and have recently begun advancing towards an advanced degree in Performance Psychology.

My passion is movement and joyful performance, which has lead me into many avenues. I have studied the Z-health system developed my Dr. Eric Cobb, being mentored by one of the sharpest scientific minds in the industry today, Coach Kenneth Jay. For a number of years I have taught the HardStyle strength and conditioning system developed by Paver Tsatsouline. I am also intimately familiar with the functional movement screen by Gray Cook.

I have a training and competetive backgound covering military disciplines such as military and naval pentathlon, orientering, strongman events (, endurance events and swimming. My martial arts history started with full kontact karate and have through the years touched several arts including kick/thaiboxing, traditional jujutsu, four range fighting system, judo, boxing, tai chi, filipino stickfighting and krav maga.

Recently I’ve become very inspired by the works of Frank Forencich with his focus on play and exuberance, Mick Dodge with ideas on the effects of barefooting on psychology and physiology, Erwan le Corre and his paleo approach to achieving exuberant health through natural movement and last but certainly not least the people from the Yamakasi crew and Parkour Generations with their urban interpretation of le Methode Naturelle.

Physical achievements:

  • Deadlift: 200kg (Raw) April 2009
  • Weighted pullup: bodyweight + 40kg
  • Weighted pullups: bodyweight + 10kg x 21 reps, April 2009
  • Weighted dips: bodyweight + 50kg
  • Weighted pistol: bodyweight + 48kg, May 2007
  • Pullups: 30 reps, September 2007
  • Monkey pullups: 52 centimetres
  • 5kilometres run: 19 minutes, 20 seconds
  • Kettlebell Bent Press: 52kg
  • Two Hands Anyhow: 72kg (48kg + 24kg)
  • Kettlebell Onearm Clean and Press: 40kg
  • Military Obstacle Course (Mil. Pentathlon): 3minutes 6 seconds, August 2002
  • Underwater swimming (no fins): 50 metres.
  • Orientering: 50k in 15 hours
  • Secret Service Snatch Test: 228 snatches in 10 minutes with a 24kg kettlebell
  • Ultimate Snatch Test: 138 snatches in 10 minutes with a 32kg kettlebell
  • TSC 5 minute Snatch: 87 snatches with 32kg, April 2009, 128 with 24kg, September 2007
  • Snatch total back to back: 90 snatches with 24kg kb
  • Cooper test: 3200m
  • Traditional Turkish Get-up: 48kg
  • Double Turkish Get-up: 2 x 24kg
  • EvolutionRace: 1H 15m 32s, October 2006, 1H 4m 15s, December 2008
  • Tactical Strength Challenge: April 2009, Men’s elite division, 7th place; September 2008, Men’s division, 13th place; April 2008, Men’s elite division, 7th place; September 2007, Men’s division, 2nd place.


  • CEO, Raakraft Inc.
  • Head Coach of Strength and Conditioning, Combat Sports Academy,
  • Functional Training Instructor,
  • Teacher at, subject specialist; strength training, conditioning, programming, functional training.
  • Platoon Commander, Danish Recce Battalion 2004-2007, 1 tour to Helmand, Afghanistan, 2007
  • Subject matter specialist at Danish Commando Course, 2007
  • Chief Instructor, Physical Training, 2nd Recce Squadron, Danish Recce Battalion, 2006-2007
  • Recce Officer, Combat Engineer Company, 2000-2001


  • Z-health I-phase Trainer 2010
  • Z-health R-phase Trainer 2009
  • Parkour Camp – European Gathering 2009
  • Circular Strength Training Instructor, 2009
  • Certified Kettlebell – Functional Movement Screen Specialist, 2009
  • Functional Movement Screen Specialist, 2009
  • Russian Kettlebell Challenge Level II, 2009
  • Russian Kettlebell Challenge, Assisting Instructor, 2007, 2008 and 2009
  • Russian Kettlebell Instructor, 2006
  • Russian Kettlebell Instructor, 2006
  • Anthony Robbins’ Wealth Mastery, 2008
  • Anthony Robbins’ Unlimited Power Seminar, 2008
  • Orienteering Course Planner, Danish Military Academy, 2007
  • Danish Commando Course, 2004
  • Airborne Selection and Training, Danish SOF, Jægerkorpset
  • Advanced Patrol Course, International Special Training School

Formal Education:

  • University of Copenhagen, Exercise Science and Performance Psychology, 2007-2012
  • Danish Infantry School, 2004
  • Danish Officers’ Academy, Advanced Officers Training, 2001-2004 (Bachelor’s Degree)
  • Danish Reserve Officers’ School, 2000
  • Danish Sergeant School, 1999-2000
  • Greve Gymnasium, 1996-1999


  • Supervision by Kenneth Jay, Master RKC,
  • Supervision by Jeanne Jensen, Advanced Rolfer,
  • Supervision by Jacob Søndergaard, Training physiologist
  • Supervision by Kristian Elbo, Ms, expert golf and correctional coach
  • Supervision by Mona Daugaard, Life and Business Coach
  • Supervision by Per Gjeding, Movement Therapist,
  • Paul Chek seminars

2 Responses to Dennis Frisch

  1. Frederik says:

    Hi Dennis.
    Rigtig fed blog du har fået sparket op.
    Meget inspirerende.
    Lad os snart mødes og løbe i skoven.

    Frederik B

    • Dennis Frisch says:

      Hej Frederik

      Tusind tak. Fedt med lidt input. Ja, helt sikkert.

      Hvis I er interesserede er jeg ved at få noget træning op at køre med en POSE instruktør, så vi kan få teknikken i top når vi trisser rundt i skoven i vores five-fingers.


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