Stuff I like

Russian Kettlebell Challenge

Founded by Pavel Tsatsouline the RKC is in my opinion the absolute gold standard in pain free strength and conditioning.


Eric Cobb has provided the world with a system for increased health, pain free performance and mobility coaching, which I have found to offer uniquely and powerful benefits. Everybody would do well to seek out a practitioner or if possible a Master Trainer to find out if dysfunction within the proprioceptive, visual or vestibular system is holding back their performance or coursing them pain. Check it out here.

Functional Movement Screen

Created by Gray Cook….

Exuberant Animal

Founded by Frank Forencich, Exuberant Animal is a primal, practical and playful approach to exercising, health and life.  Frank is a great writer and has written two books “Play as if Your Life Depends on It: Functional Exercise and Living for Homo sapiens” and “Exuberant Animal: The Power of Health, Play and Joyful Movement” both of which we highly recommend.

POSE Method

Created 3 decades ago by Nicholas Romanov, POSE is the science behind the universal principles that rule human movement. The movement principles we teach in the MovNat Natural Movement Coaching System are based on the same natural laws.

Movement Naturelle

Erwan le Corre has taken George Herbert’s Methode Naturelle and reengineered it for the modern world. This is a great concept for reintegrating your movement practice into a natural environment.



Fun and challenging weight training with unique benefits like joint traction and 3 dimensional loading patterns.


Vibram Five-fingers

Barefoot technology.


Awesome shoes.